Iron Age frontman launches Cyclopean Records

Iron Age frontman Jason Tarpey saw an opportunity last year when his band was recording The Sleeping Eye. After paying for the studio time and initial vinyl pressings without the aid of a label, Tarpey decided to have a go at running a label himself. Iron Age, along with Mammoth Grinder, Green & Wood, The Roller, and Slaughter Strike, released new albums with brand-new Cyclopean Records.

The label has planned a slew of releases for the second part of 2010, beginning with the new 12″ EP from Slaughter Strike, entitled At Life’s End, out August 3, followed by the new Sungod full-length First Matter, as well as the split release from Mammoth Grinder and Hatred Surge, and new full-length releases from The Roller and NightBitch.

Mammoth Grinder, on tour in the US now, will be featured in ALARM 38: Invisible.

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