Poster Art: Joanna Wecht’s Womanly World

By using vintage images of women and hand printing her own work because printing “tastes like ribs and chicken,” Joanna Wecht creates raw, multi-dimensional posters.

Having graduated from the Savannah College of Art and Design in 2001, Wecht has not settled into a permanent location.  By moving around, she draws her inspiration from life — anything and everything around her — and experiences she has gone through, good and bad.

Wecht’s primary influence comes from old magazine advertisements  and from “idolizing the styles and how glamorous they portrayed women, even in the kitchen.”  But she maintains that the imagery is not used to be an activist or prove a point; Wecht just enjoys being a “girl, a young lady, a woman,” and utilizes images that portray her disposition.

She plays off the idea of being a girl in an everyday world — before tearing it to pieces, then gluing it back together with her own “point of view.”  Her response to scoffers?  “Like it or lump it.”

-Liza Rush

Poster Art is a biweekly column about today’s independent poster art and the artists who create it.

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