Pre-order the cross-continental, improvised jazz of the Chicago Odense Ensemble

In the winter of 2008, Danish musicians Jonas Munk and Jakob Sk√łtt hunkered down in a Chicago studio with locals such as Jeff Parker and Dan Bitney of Tortoise, Matt Lux of Isotope 217, and composer/cornetist Rob Mazurek of Exploding Star Orchestra and Chicago Underground Duo.

Brought together by Brian Keigher, the group of all-stars combined their unique blend of styles in total improvisation, the result of which recalls Miles Davis‘ ventures in electronic music in the early ’70s. Loose ideas and grooves come together into well-developed electro-jazz soundscapes frequently punctuated by brilliant virtuosic solos.

After the initial recording session, Munk took the material back to his studio in Odense, Denmark to begin the process of cutting, rearranging and manipulating. Using the production process as an instrument instead of merely a tool led to some interesting results. Elements of dub, Eastern and African sounds, and even psychedelic rock run throughout the new record.

The Chicago Odense Ensemble is releasing its record in a (fittingly) unconventional way: subscriptions. By accepting pre-orders before pressing the record, the group’s label, Adluna Records, ensures that it has enough interest and funding to make the project work.

On the same day that the record is sent to the manufacturing plant, a free download is sent to all who pre-ordered the album. Both vinyl and CD versions of the record will be available and limited to 500 copies each.

Pre-order Chicago Odense Ensemble here.

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