This Month In Metal: Ion Dissonance, Cephalic Carnage, ex-Animosity

Listening to all of this insane music is making my summer even hotter, but it’s good practice, because eventually, Hell awaits!

Ion Dissonance: Cursed (Century Media)

Did you love Calculating Infinity? ADD got you down? Not nearly enough riffs on the last three albums you bought, combined? This Month In Metal is pleased to introduce you to Ion Dissonance‘s Cursed. With a heavy hardcore slant in both attitude and execution, Cursed whips right along, tosses you every which way, and then runs you down when you try to get your bearings. Trim off the last track’s eight minutes of weird alien noises and insane-dude rambling and you have a 40-minute scorcher that’s suitable for slam-dancing of all varieties.

Ion Dissonance: “You People Are Messed Up”
[audio:|titles=You People Are Messed Up]

Cephalic Carnage: Misled By Certainty (Relapse)

Speaking of spastic metal with tons of things happening at once, the new Cephalic Carnage was released! These five potheads should be touring with Brutal Truth for a showcase of marijuana not impeding one’s speed. Since Conforming To Abnormality in 2002, Cephalic Carnage has tested both the sound barrier as well as its weed tolerance with under-a-minute grinders and the 19-minute doom opus Halls Of Amenti.

Released this week, Misled By Certainty leans in favor of slow, heavy head-nodders but throws in some blasts and typical Cephalic weirdness (in the form of Bruce Lamont‘s saxophone, to name one instance) here and there. Misled continues the band’s tradition of utilizing guest vocalists (Immolations‘ Ross Dolan and longtime Cephalic producer Dave Otero both make appearances), so the vocal performance varies quite a bit in style, but so does the band’s music. I’m always up for a dose of its self-categorized Rocky Mountain hydro-grind!

Cephalic Carnage: “When I Arrive”
[audio:|titles=Cephalic Carnage – When I Arrive]

Ex-Animosity News

Although I’m sad that San Francisco’s Animosity is no longer, its former members are keeping busy. Vocalist Leo Miller has contributed vocals to the upcoming, yet-to-be-given-a-release-date album from Drumcorps and joined the touring lineup. Drummer Navene Koperweis recorded all of the guitars, bass, and drums for the recently released Fleshwrought album but enlisted Job For A Cowboy vocalist Jonny Davy to handle the mic. Also worth checking out is Koperweis’ work with hyper-technical, instrumental, and progressive Animals As Leaders.


In vinyl news, the beyond-amazing Italian label Night Of The Vinyl Dead has issued an LP of the 2005 live album Close Of A Chapter: Live In Quebec City. It’s a double LP and limited to 600 copies, so act fast. While you’re at it, you can get its latest release, Xentrix‘s Scourge! Also, Chicago doomsters Bongripper have just self-released their monstrous Satan Worshipping Doom on a limited-to-300 double LP! Act fast!

News & Notes

Finally, be sure to wish well to Behemoth‘s Nergal, who needs a bone-marrow transplant; check out the new Malevolent Creation for a nut-punch of solid death metal; pick up the reissue of NeurosisEnemy Of The Sun and the brand-new Live At Roadburn CDs over at Neurot; and check out the previously unreleased Pantera song “The Will To Survive” on its official Facebook page!

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