US Christmas to release fifth LP, Run Thick in the Night

Veteran psych-blues rockers US Christmas are set to release their fifth studio album, Run Thick In The Night, on September 20 via Neurot Recordings. The new album was recorded by Sanford Parker (Unearthly Trance, Pelican, Twilight) at Fahrenheit Studio in Johnson City, Tennessee and mixed at Semaphore Studios in Chicago, IL.

Hailing from the Appalachian Mountains in Western North Carolina and Eastern Tennessee, US Christmas’ sound is unmistakably heavy, at times bordering on experimental post-rock. The band has drawn comparisons to like-minded space-rock groups, though it cites the decidedly terrestrial mountains and people of North Carolina as influences.

Run Thick In The Night is the result of the band’s eclectic tastes. Distorted guitars growl and gurgle mammoth riffs, while swirling atmospherics get increasingly dark and cinematic in scale. Adding vintage synths and shrieking theremins to the mix has diversified US Christmas’ sound and contributes to a compelling new release.

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