Zine Scene: Independence and Creativity in Publishing

Zine Scene is a new weekly column where you can learn about new and established zinesters, as well as other people from inside the scene as they talk about their experiences in the unique and fascinating world of independently published media.

Thriving subcultures have been developing around zinesters and distros since the early days of the format, leading to festivals, conferences, online writers’ communities and the “We Make Zines” website, which is devoted to social networking between writers, distributors and fans.

These groups have made zine-publishing faster and easier than ever, as well as increased their readership and exposure.

In this age of mass-produced media, news organizations have begun to report on the growing influence of zines on culture, while museums and art galleries have held exhibitions of zine covers and artwork.

Even major bookstores are branching out to carry the more in-demand titles of zine media.  Remarkably, zines have weathered this popularity boost while retaining their special charm and artistic purity.

Zine Scene will cover topics in zine culture and a variety of publishing styles, from online to homemade cut-and-paste.  It’ll include information about recent releases, stories and experiences from writers, and much more.

Zine Scene, by Mallory Gevaert, is a weekly column about writers and artists’ adventures in the world of independent publishing.

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