Album Download: Kenan Bell’s Summer Solstice Vol. 3

Kenan Bell: Summer Solstice Vol. 3Kenan Bell: Summer Solstice Vol. 3 (12/21/11)

Kenan Bell: “Book of the Month (feat. Ayomari & Carl Roe)”

[audio:|titles=Kenan Bell: “Book of the Month (feat. Ayomari & Carl Roe)”]

Indie rapper Kenan Bell releases the third installment of his Summer Solstice mixtape series tomorrow, the summer solstice for the Southern hemisphere. On this collection, the former Montessori schoolteacher samples the likes of Caribou (“Caribou”), Lovage (“Book of the Month”), the Talking Heads (“Home”), and plenty more, layering his signature nerd rap over each and making them his own.

A day before its official release, ALARM presents an exclusive download of SSV3. (And if you haven’t already, be sure to download Summer Solstice Vol. 1 and Vol. 2.)

Bell also provided some commentary below for SSV3. We advise that you listen to it in its entirety while enjoying his behind-the-scenes notes.

“Apple”: In 2009, I was featured in Playboy‘s music issue along with other Rock the Rabbit artists such as Q-Tip, Morning Benders, and Royksopp.

“B.M.F. (Bite My Fresh)”: I think I’m Larry DavidWhoopi Goldberg

“Bonkers”: One of the biggest records of the year by one of today’s most controversial artists, whom upon meeting me said, “That is the swaggiest mustache I have ever seen!”

“Book of the Month (feat. Ayomari & Carl Roe)”: Heard the Lovage song at the Beauty Bar in Las Vegas while en route to SXSW and knew I had to get my homey Ayomari to bless the remix. (Note: Carl Roe just added to the mix to complete the trifecta.)

“Caribou”: Initially wanted to do another one of Caribou’s tracks, but the lyrics in “Jamelia” compelled me to add my flavor to the mix.

“Crybaby”: During high school, I would do my Algebra II homework while listening to Royksopp on Napster.

“Days”: One night, I was watching MTV AM on the DVR and caught the tail end of this video. I immediately began writing and rewinding and basically deejaying and emceeing simultaneously.

“Fink”: I contacted¬†Fink via Twitter after hearing him on KCRW and E-mailed a remixed version of their song “Warm Shadows,” which members of the band enjoyed.

“Hollywood Divorce”: Kim [Kardashian] breaks news to Kris Humphries via Twitter.

“Fool’s Gold”: I played a show with Fool’s Gold at the Troubador and used to play with Pyrite.

“Home”: Talking Heads is one of my all-time favorite bands, and Shia LaBeouf is one of my favorite actors (sampled track from the movie Wall Street using an iPad).

“Life and Death”: I always wanted to rap over the intro from Outkast‘s ATLiens, and I’m a fan of both Eve 6 and…

“My Love”: Found this dub-step version of the track on YouTube after watching them perform on Jools Holland and went in.

“Nowhere”: Producer Trey Michaels sent me a beat called “Nowhere,” and I wrote a song about the little things that keep me motivated.

“Rhythm of your Heartbeat”: Milk got this collection full of obscure music called Sublime Frequencies from his artist girlfriend, and naturally, we chopped it up digging for samples.

“Six Foot Seven”: I’m 6’4″ and 3/4″. Six-five in Cortez. 6’7″ with the hair.

“Swag on Swag on Swag”: The title says it all.

“Swim Well”: Yes, I’m a black man who can swim well and speak proper English!

“Without”: I’m a big fan of Phil Spector and his Wall of Sound. ¬†Milk and I had originally sampled The Supremes‘ version, but my good friend Alex recently introduced me to Lee Fields & the Expressions and suggested I take a different approach.

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