Dub Trio to release new album in October

Dub Trio: Dub Trio IVDub Trio: IV (ROIR, 10/25/11)

Brooklyn-based dub-rock band Dub Trio has announced a release date for its first studio album since Another Sound Is Dying in 2008. The album, entitled IV, will be released on October 25 in both CD and vinyl formats via ROIR. The gap in releases can be attributed to the band’s recent musical nomadism, a period during which the trio became Matisyahu‘s live band and contributed more studio work to big-name rap and pop artists.

“Most of the record was written while we were on the road,” says bassist Stu Brooks. “By the time we hit the studio, we were extremely hungry to put down the ideas.” According to drummer Joe Tomino, IV expands on the band’s singular sound and places an even greater emphasis on metal and instrumental experimentation. “As always, we aspire to create a visceral experience for the listener, and IV is no exception,” he says.

The band will tour this fall with dates forthcoming.

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