Guest Playlist: Memory Tapes’ songs to drink and resent people to

Memory Tapes: Player PianoMemory Tapes: Player Piano (Carpark, 7/5/11)

Memory Tapes: “Wait in the Dark”

[audio:|titles=Memory Tapes: “Wait in the Dark”]

On July 5, New Jersey-based multi-instrumentalist Dayve Hawk, better known as Memory Tapes,will release Player Piano, the follow-up to his 2010 debut, Seek Magic. Like his first album, Hawk once again recorded in his home studio, playing each instrument himself, without the aid of sequencing software. With its doo-wop harmonies and synth-soul intersections, Hawk described Player Piano as “a sort of Motown suicide note.” A little dark, a little humorous — just like his playlist for ALARM: a musical exploration of inebriation and indignation.

Songs to Drink and Resent People To
by Memory Tapes

1. Chris Bell: “I Am The Cosmos”

This is where it starts…arrogance and self-doubt.

2. Leonard Cohen: “Don’t Go Home With Your Hard-On”

Sexual frustration only makes it worse.

3. Iggy Pop: “Funtime”

Sarcastic dancing: ruining the good times for everyone else.

4. Larry Wallis: “Police Car”

Feeling paranoid and confrontational.

5. Bill Fay: “Screams In The Ears”

It’s hard to make it to the end of the night with everyone speaking.

6. Neu: “Hero”

Just yelling now. Thought you were making a point at the time.

7. Sparks: “Angst In My Pants”

A second wind…maybe you’ll make it work for you?

8. The Cure: “One Hundred Years”

No. Rejection.

9. Sisters Of Mercy: “Black Planet”

‘Cause once the goth starts, it doesn’t stop.

10. The Pogues: “Rainy Night In Soho”

Hopefully a moment of romanticism before passing out…helps justify the next time.

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