Guest Playlist: This Will Destroy You’s Shining Void Mix

This Will Destroy You: Tunnel BlanketThis Will Destroy You: Tunnel Blanket (Suicide Squeeze, 5/10/11)

This Will Destroy You: “Communal Blood”

[audio:|titles=This Will Destroy You: “Communal Blood”]

Instrumental-rock quartet This Will Destroy You coined a new term to describe the music on its latest album, Tunnel Blanket: “doomgaze.” It’s remarkably apt — the sort of evocative portmanteau that makes music writers everywhere drool — as TWDY’s dense, slow-burning, guitar-driven tunes typically skip past melodramatic meandering and head straight for Boris-like levels of sonic density. We asked the band’s guitarist, Chris King, to make us a playlist, and the doom-gazer dropped this Shining Void on us.

Shining Void Mix
by This Will Destroy You

“Then came human beings. They wanted to cling but had nothing to cling to.”

1. Colleen: “This Place in Time”

Beautiful 18th Century funeral parlour music.

2. Sade: “Jezebel”

Creeper slow jam.

3. Julee Cruise: “Floating”

What it sounds like in heaven.

4. Bohren & der Club of Gore: “Prowler”


5. Kate Bush: “Running up That Hill (A Deal with God)”

Can’t go wrong with this one. The hook is too good.

6. Holy Other: “We Over”

Grey, rainy-day song.

7. Aaliyah: “4 Page Letter”

Listen to this on repeat. RIP.

8. Grouper: “Hold the Way”

She really can do no wrong. This song is just so damn sad.

9. Nike7UP: “Naturally Nike7UP Death at Sea Mix”

[audio:|titles=Nike7UP: “Naturally Nike7UP Death at Sea Mix”]

Play it in the club.

10. Gloria Coates: “String Quartets No. 6 – Meditation”

Ain’t no good thing ever dies.

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