MP3 Premiere: Zechs Marquise’s “Static Lovers”

Zechs Marquise: Getting PaidZechs Marquise: Getting Paid (Rodriguez LopezSargent House, 9/27/11)

Zechs Marquise: “Static Lovers”

[audio:|titles=Zechs Marquise: “Static Lovers”]

El Paso-based psych-prog five-piece Zechs Marquise is set to release its sophomore album, Getting Paid, on September 27. The band is three-fifths Rodriguez Lopez — brothers Marcel, Rikardo, and Marfred — a surname that gained music-industry clout from Omar, the prolific Mars Volta guitarist (and head of Zechs Marquise’s label).

We have an exclusive track from Getting Paid available for your listening enjoyment. “Static Lovers” starts off with eerie ambience, all creaks and groans and echoing screeches, before a drumroll and ripping wah-wah riff kick in. Expanding on the sound established on its 2009 debut, Our Delicate Stranded Nightmare, Zechs’ style is meandering throwback psychedelia with a prog-fusion bent.

In the teaser video below, the band opens up a package filled with its own vinyl. They’re all, “Whoa,” “sick,” and “dope.” Have a listen, have a look, and see what all the excitement’s about.

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