This Week’s Best Single: Anomie Belle’s How Can I Be Sure

Anomie Belle: How Can I Be SureAnomie Belle: How Can I Be Sure (self-released, 3/29/11)

Anomie Belle: “How Can I Be Sure”

[audio:|titles=Anomie Belle: “How Can I Be Sure”]

Seattle-based electro-pop musician Anomie Belle, a.k.a. Toby Campbell, released her debut album of soulful trip hop, a record entitled Sleeping Patterns, in 2008. One track in particular from that record, the sauntering, sultry, down-tempo “How Can I Be Sure,” has proved its staying power. It was featured on the soundtrack for Alan Wake, a dark-thriller video game from Xbox. The song was also featured in the award-winning short film Dark Material. And now, it’s the title track of Belle’s new single.

With a new album called The Crush due out this summer (guest musicians include Mr. Lif and Jon Auer [The Posies, Big Star]), Belle is dropping How Can I Be Sure as a teaser. Along with the aforementioned title track, the four-song release also sports a live version, a Bj√∂rk-esque cover of Radiohead‘s “Everything In Its Right Place,” and an Azeda Booth remix of the song “Cascade.”

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