This Week’s Best Single: Battles’ My Machines

Battles: My MachinesBattles: My Machines (Warp, 8/16/11)

Battles: “My Machines” (feat. Gary Numan)

[audio:|titles=Battles: “My Machines” (feat. Gary Numan)]

This week, experimental electronic trio Battles releases yet another single from its latest full-length, Gloss Drop. After previously releasing Ice Cream, a three-song single featuring Mathias Aguayo, the band follows a similar template with the Gary Numan-izedĀ My Machines. In addition to the title track and its instrumental version, there’s a brand-new track entitled “A.M. Gestalt” that bursts with the band’s signature chugging percussion. It reaches a creepy carnival-esque crescendo and then begins rapidly deteriorating, shedding its nuts and bolts like an old, wooden roller coaster.

The pile of rubble on the single’s cover took on a new meaning after the recent riots in London; Warp’s UK stock was almost entirely destroyed by the PIAS / Sony DADC warehouse fire. As a result, the supply of Battles’ limited-edition, silver-colored vinyl took a hit. The label had planned to release five random copies, each with a handwritten lyric sheet signed by Gary Numan. It’s no longer known how many are in circulation, so if you happen to find one in your copy, you’re encouraged to E-mailĀ

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