This Week’s Best Single: BK-One’s Tema Do Canibal EP

BK-One: Tema Do CanibalBK-One: Tema Do Canibal EP (Rhymesayers, 8/29/11)

BK-One: “Tema Do Canibal” (Video Edit)

[audio:|titles=BK-One: “Tema Do Canibal” (Video Edit)]

As Brother Ali‘s longtime partner in crime on the turntables, Minneapolis-based DJ/producer BK-One knows how to make the bass hit and the drums kick. He also knows a thing or two about world and jazz music, as evidenced by his debut LP in 2009, Radio Do Canibal. BK composed that record entirely from vinyl purchased on a trip to Brazil. And for his new remix EP, Tema Do Canibal, he uses the standout track, “Tema Do Canibal,” as the centerpiece.

Like previous work, the EP draws upon hip hop, funk, Afrobeat, and more. This time, BK enlists the collaborative help of Exile, Doom, DJ Nuts, Mike 2600, Tom Noble, and Brazilian musicians Helcio Milito and Arthur Verocai. If there were ever a riff worthy of reprisal, it’s the Hypnotic Brass Ensemble‘s robust, nimble horns. In the video above, BK and the crew demonstrate how a concert video should look: slick edits, gleaming instruments, and an irrepressible party vibe.

Tema Do Canibal is out now, available only on iTunes and limited-edition transparent, green vinyl.

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