This Week’s Best Single: Black Mountain’s Rollercoaster / In The Drones 7″

Black Mountain: Rollercoaster / In the Drones 7"Black Mountain: Rollercoaster / In the Drones 7″ (Jagjaguwar, 4/26/11)

Black Mountain: “Rollercoaster”

[audio:|titles=Black Mountain: “Rollercoaster”]

Canadian psych-rock band Black Mountain released its last full-length album, Wilderness Heart, in late 2010. That record’s third single, “Rollercoaster,” is just now getting its time in the limelight, as one half of a new single from Jagjaguwar. The other half is a previously unreleased track called “In the Drones,” which features layers of murky reverb and synth and vocals from Amber Webber.

Kicking off with a bluesy bass line, “Rollercoaster” builds steam with a brawny guitar riff, sustained organ jabs, and a commanding vocal exchange between Steve McBean and Webber. Whether it’s venturing into prog-rock territory or droned-out stoner fuzz, Black Mountain makes its particular brand of ’70s-inspired rock ‘n’ roll seem coolly effortless.

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