This Week’s Best Single: MonstrO’s Anchors Up!

MonstrO: Anchors Up!MonstrO: Anchors Up! (Limited|Fanfare, 9/20/11)

MonstrO is a newly formed hard-rock quartet featuring a melange of experienced heavyweights: drummer Bevan Davies, bassist Kyle Sanders, guitarist Juan Montoya, and guitarist/vocalist Charlie Suarez. If none of those names rings a bell, perhaps some of their former bands will: Bloodsimple, Skrew, Danzig, and Torche. On September 6, MonstrO released its debut album, a self-titled record produced by Alice in Chains guitarist William DuVall. Hot on its heels comes this new seven-inch, Anchors Up!.

Currently on tour with Kyuss and The Sword, MonstrO makes a groove-heavy racket that touches on grunge, post-rock, metal, and straight-up classic rock. Suarez’s voice is closer to Ted Leo than Ozzy Osbourne, lending clean, vaguely theatrical overtones to the hard-driving low end of bass and chunky riffs.

Released today to the tune of just 575 total copies, Anchors Up! is available in three different colorways: 75 copies on black vinyl, 250 copies on blue marble, and 250 copies on pink marble. You can buy individually, or you can buy a three-record bundle for just 18 bucks. Buy here.

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