This Week’s Best Single: The Stepkids’ Shadows On Behalf / La La 12″

The Stepkids: Shadows on Behalf / La LaThe Stepkids: Shadows on Behalf / La La 12″ (Stones Throw, 4/19/11)

The Stepkids: “Shadows on Behalf”

[audio:|titles=The Stepkids: “Shadows on Behalf”]

Operating out of the venerable Stones Throw camp, The Stepkids is a psychedelic neo-soul trio composed of longtime industry musicians who cut their teeth recording and performing with the likes of Lauryn Hill and Alicia Keys. The Connecticut-based group’s new release, Shadows on Behalf / La La, is out today on limited-edition, translucent vinyl.

The Stepkids’ music is diverse as its members’ respective résumés, combining elements of classic soul, funk, and even world music. And it’s a true DIY production; the three members (bassist and keyboardist Dan Edinberg, guitarist Jeff Gitelman, and drummer Tim Walsh) handle all of the production, engineering, and recording duties themselves.

Listen to the A-side, “Shadows on Behalf,” above, and pick up the record (limited to 1,000) from Stones Throw’s online shop.

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