This Week’s Best Single: Trash Talk’s Awake

Trash Talk: AwakeTrash Talk: Awake (True Panther, 10/11/11)

Trash Talk: “Awake”

Most bands are content to squeeze a couple of songs onto a seven-inch slab of vinyl. With its new release, Awake, Sacramento-based hardcore band Trash Talk manages to pack five tracks into that same space. Its raw, aggressive sound lends itself to shorter songs; the four-piece gets in your face and then hightails it like a seasoned stick-up gang.

In our feature story on Trash Talk (ALARM 34), the band had just cut a new record with Steve Albini, established its own label and added a new drummer, Rashod Jackson. Now, two years later, the drummer is different (Sam Bosson), but the thrash-heavy vision remains the same.

Initially, the Awake seven-inch was available in three varieties: 100 black-and-white flip-flop, 400 white, and 916 solid black. With the flip-flop version sold out, we recommend either white or black; both are guaranteed to rip.

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