This Week’s Best Single: Trentemøller’s Shades Of Marble Remixes

Trentemøller: Shades Of Marble RemixesTrentemøller: Shades Of Marble Remixes (In My Room, 5/10/11)

Danish electronic artist / guitarist / composer Anders Trentemøller, whose surname serves as his musical alias, released his most recent album, Into the Great Wide Yonder, in June of last year. Whereas his debut, The Last Resort, cut away the fat and muscle of dance music to reveal its frail skeleton, Into the Great Wide Yonder proves that electronic music can be powerful and dense.

As demonstrated on Into the Great Wide Yonder, calling Trentemøller an electronic artist sells him short. The single “Shades of Marble,” from Yonder, showcases the texture that he’s capable of producing with instruments like mandolin, Theremin, vibraphone, strings, synth, and both live and programmed drums.

The Shades of Marble single, out today, features the original cut, plus three remixes from Kink, Kasper Bjørke, and Trentemøller himself, each of which plays up a different aspect of the subdued, ambient spellbinder.

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