Video Premiere: Lanu’s “Fall” (feat. Megan Washington)

LanuHer 12 Faces (Tru Thoughts, 4/19/11)

Lanu: “Fall” (feat. Megan Washington) (Download on Bandcamp)

[audio:|titles=Lanu: “Fall” (feat. Megan Washington)]

The latest full-length from Australian producer/multi-instrumentalist Lanu (a.k.a. The Bamboos‘ Lance Ferguson), Her 12 Faces, has been covered extensively on ALARM (here, here, here, and here). Now we have a video premiere for one of the album’s standout tracks, “Fall,” which features guest vocals from singer/songwriter Megan Washington.

“Fall” picks up where Lanu’s earlier video for “Beautiful Trash” left off, following the same lovestruck couple through the subsequent highs and lows of their relationship. Gone are the candy-shop colors and infectiously sunny pop, replaced by muted colors and a steady downpour. Layers of plucked guitar, piano, and strings are backed by low-key, electronic beats — a pitch-perfect soundtrack to the latest plot development.

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