Video Premiere: See-I’s “Soul Hit Man”

See-I: s/tSee-I: s/t (Fort Knox, 6/28/11)

See I: “Homegrown”

[audio:|titles=See-I: “Homegrown”]

Washington, DC-based reggae duo See-I has been performing and crafting its unique sound for over 20 years, but its first studio record is being release later this month. Composed of brothers Arthur “Rootz” Steele and Archie “Zeebo” Steele, See-I incorporates elements of funk, soul, rock, and dub to create an uptempo, modern reggae hybrid. And though this is its debut record, See-I recorded, performed, and toured with Thievery Corporation throughout the ’90s and early 2000s.

In this video directed by Jesse Justice for the song “Soul Hit Man,” footage of the band performing live is interspersed with wide-angle DC cityscapes and tight shots of human faces. For a band that’s developed a reputation on the strength of its live shows, largely in and around the DC area, it’s a fitting visual treatment. Good luck getting that sticky horn riff and chorus out of your head.

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