Video Premiere: Sole’s “White Rage” (Popular Demand Remix)

Independent rhymer Sole just completed his first video, and ALARM has the exclusive premiere. Rapping over Clipse‘s recent Popeye’s promo / radio hit “Popular Demand,” Sole, a.k.a. Tim Holland, goes off on the Tea Party, race baiting and other hot-button issues. The video concludes in darkness, with Evangelist J.B. Best (Anticon‘s Pedestrian) poetically preaching on the shooting of Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords.

The track, “White Rage,” is another installment in Sole’s gradual release of the free mixtape Nuclear Winter Vol. 2. The Nuclear Winter series is, according to Holland, an “experiment with ‘rap as journalism,'” where he takes current topics, hijacks radio rap beats and “release(s) them immediately while the fire is still hot.” Check out “Generation Hot,” his global warming / bird die-off remix of Wiz Khalifa‘s Steelers anthem “Black and Yellow” right here.

Keep your eyes peeled for a new album from Sole and the Skyrider Band in May.

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