Beastwars soundtracks the apocalypse in video for “Tower of Skulls”

Beastwars: Tower of SkullsBeastwars: Tower of Skulls seven-inch (Destroy, 11/17/12)

An eclipse is creeping closer. You see a desolate landscape, lonely monoliths in the middle of the desert, and a vague sense of foreboding. Either all that fake Mayan stuff about 2012 was right, or it’s a new video from Beastwars.

“Tower of Skulls” comes from the New Zealand stoner-metal band’s new, limited-run seven-inch release. The video finds the members performing their brand of gruff, grungy sludge in the midst of psychedelic color changes. But when the breakdown hits, be prepared for a spidery, undead dust monster.

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