Mike Patton reunites (on record) with Trey Spruance of Secret Chiefs 3

After more than a decade of collaborative silence, Mr. Bungle linchpins Mike Patton and Trey Spruance have appeared on the same recording — a retro Secret Chiefs 3 rendition of Belgian singer-songwriter Jacques Brel‘s “La Chanson de Jacky” (technically as part of SC3 satellite band Traditionalists). Over the past year and a half, the two performed together during a John Zorn set, a Mondo Cane show, and a special Faith No More performance in Chile, but this is the first shared recording since Bungle’s classic California in 1999. Maybe — just maybe — it’s another step toward a cataclysmic Bungle reunion?

Head to Spruance’s Web of Mimicry site to order the record, which includes a revamped and Italian-westernized version of the Chiefs’ “The Exile” (now “The Western Exile”) as the B-side.

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