MP3 Premiere: Ancestors’ “On the Wind”

Ancestors: In Dreams and TimeAncestors: In Dreams and Time (Tee Pee, 4/10/12)

“On the Wind”

[audio:|titles=Ancestors: “On The Wind”]

On Tuesday, LA-based psych-doom quintet Ancestors topped This Week’s Best Albums with its epic third full-length, In Dreams and Time. In just six tracks, the album spills over the 60-minute mark, as each richly textured song challenges its listener for any concept of time.

The album, as a whole, continues the band’s move to mellower and more progressive material, but it also has dramatic shifts in highs and lows: it might be swelling with heartfelt balladry one second, but a single moment could bring head-banging volatility. In either case, it’s a cathartic experience.

Take, for example, “On the Wind,” which we’re premiering for you today. Picking up where the third track leaves off with its heavy drone of distorted guitars and power-packed riffs,”On the Wind” begins with deep, harmonized piano chords, gradually building in layers of vocals until it begins to swirl with wailing organs and a screeching guitar solo. With every track, In Dreams and Time keeps you on your toes, taking you in directions that you don’t anticipate.

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