MP3 Premiere: Sunshine goes glam on “Arnprior”

Sunshine: s/tSunshine: s/t (2/26/13)


Sunshine: “Arnprior”

The vocals are fuzzy. The guitars squeal their way into tune. The drums bang out. This is Sunshine at its glammiest.

Writing in perpetually cloudy British Columbia, the Vancouver five-piece (not to be confused with the Czech band of the same name) brings fuzz, reverb, and breathiness to the fore while dropping major musical positivity. “Arnprior” is exemplary of this: distorted, melodic guitars duel with a Hammond organ (played by Gord Nicholl of The Pointed Sticks), while bass and drums drive things to a bridge that shows off the band’s rock chops. It’s these chops that have attracted other guests, including John Collins of The New Pornographers, Sune Rose Wagner of The Raveonettes, Woodie Taylor of Morrissey, and Hayz Fisher of The New Values.

Founder Trevor Risk on writing “Arnprior”:

“‘Arnprior’ is my attempt at writing a glam song. I know that today one can’t get away with having guitar-based orgies covered in glitter makeup without it appearing both revisionist and/or ironic, so this is my noisy, contemporary version of a boogie jam about my adorable and tiny hometown of Arnprior, Ontario and my waning desire to head back to the country in my weaker moments.”

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