Origami gone wild in The Octopus Project’s stop-motion vid

The Octopus Project: Whitby digital EP (Peek-A-Boo, 11/6/12)

The Octopus Project’s new album, untitled at this time, has been described by guitarist Josh Lambert as “equally the poppiest and the weirdest thing we’ve ever done.” The video for the first single, “Whitby,” does its best to live up to this assertion.

Animated by the Austin “indie-tronica” band, using card stock they cut themselves and taking more than 4,000 photographs, it’s a nonstop stop-motion party. Evoking in equal parts the animation of 1970s public television and the fad of designer “paper toys,” “Whitby” is gloriously bizarre, contrasting technicolor origami with commonplace items and locations. Keep an eye out for the paper equalizer, and download the Whitby EP here.

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