Pink Floyd, lasers, and maternity: Alt-pop duo Menomena debuts Dark Side of the Moms

Menomena: MomsMenomena: Moms (Barsuk, 9/18/11)

Despite downsizing from a trio to a two-piece, Menomena is back with its full arsenal of pop quirkiness. Moms, due out in September, is as detailed as anything in the band’s catalog, and if you’re in Portland, you get visual awesomeness to go with it: Pink Floyd‘s laser show at the Oregon Museum of Science and Industry.

So if you find yourself in the Pacific Northwest on August 24, head on down to hear Moms side by side with the trippy accompaniment (dubbed Dark Side of the Moms) for a mere $5. Either way, catch the band on tour in early fall with the equally underrated PVT, and enjoy lead single “Heavy is as Heavy Does” below.

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