Relive your trippy science-class films with Lymbyc Systym’s “Prairie School” video

Lymbyc SystymSymbolyst (Western Vinyl, 9/18/12)

What but a video inspired by 1970s and ’80s science specials would you expect from a band named after part of our nervous system? The first single from Lymbyc Systym’s Symbolyst, “Prairie School,” has a driving beat, bright synths, and a feeling of gradual movement upward, forward and inward.

“Prairie School” has now received an excellent video from artist Blair Neal, shot using an iPhone and a lens from his Playstation 3 camera. Taking inspiration from old science videos (particularly the classic “Powers of Ten“), we get glimpses of a tiny world, with almost-recognizable natural forms and hints of movement being broken up by bright, flowing flashes of light. Check it.

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