Review: Enabler’s All Hail the Void

Enabler: All Hail the VoidEnablerAll Hail the Void (Southern Lord, 7/17/12)



Enabler may be a relatively “new” name in metalcore, but it’s full of proven parts, including two ex-members of Shai Hulud as well as ex-members of Trap ThemToday is the DayHarlots, and more. Unfamiliar listeners may raise an eyebrow upon seeing Andy Hurley’s name listed, but the Fall Out Boy / The Damned Things drummer has long roots in hardcore, including a number of Midwest bands and a touring stint in Earth Crisis.

All Hail the Void is the quartet’s second full release in a year’s time, and that’s not counting a number of other recent splits and EPs. It’s the same hyper-aggressive mix of metal, hardcore, punk, and grind, but the songs are gradually growing longer (albeit from 2:00 to 2:30) and more well rounded.

Reflecting the never-ending trend of bands tuning lower and lower, the range of the guitars is closer to death metal than hardcore, but there are plenty of heavy influences to go around, whether D-beat drums, locomotive chugging, hyperactive hammer-ons, or blast beats. It’s 35 minutes of fury, with nary a lull. And from straight-line speed to half-time breakdowns, there are plenty of dynamics — even if those breakdowns bring out the kickboxing clowns.

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