RIP David Gold (Woods of Ypres, Necramyth)

On December 21, 2011, Canadian multi-instrumentalist David Gold tragically passed away in a traffic accident in Barrie, Ontario, approximately 60 miles outside of Toronto. Gold, 31, was best known as the front-man of black/doom-metal trio Woods of Ypres, but he also spent significant periods of time overseas, including stays in Kuwait and South Korea — the latter of which included a stint as the drummer for Korean metal outfit Necramyth, which released Slaughter of the Seoul in 2009. Prior to his death, Gold also was working on a short documentary called Metal Korea: Into Exile, using footage that was captured during his time there.

Woods of Ypres, which was founded by Gold, Aaron Palmer, and Brian McManus in 2002, had recently finished recording its fifth album, Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light. Per the wishes of Gold’s family and band members, the album will be released as originally planned in February via Earache Records — available for pre-order here. Moving forward, the label will work closely with Gold’s family, which issued the following statement to friends and fans:

“The Gold family is incredibly saddened in the wake of David’s sudden passing. We want to thank everyone for the ongoing outpour of support, as it is greatly appreciated. Although he was only 31 years old, David lived more than most would be able to in an entire lifetime. He was well educated, well traveled, incredibly talented, passionate, compassionate, and loved dearly by thousands of friends, family, and fans all over the world. David’s legacy will not only live on but continue to grow. We ask you to keep David’s spirit alive by continuing to listen to his music, and let him inspire your life.”

Joel Violette, Gold’s bandmate and long-time collaborator, also issued the following statement:

“I am completely shocked and utterly at a loss for words about David’s passing. I write this with a very heavy heart, and I can only imagine what David’s family is going through, as well as the rest of his friends. My heart goes out to them all.

This tragedy comes at a truly inopportune time for Woods of Ypres, though there is never an opportune time for these things to happen. We’d booked to tour Europe in support of Woods 5, we’d recruited the talented Rae Amitay and Brendan Hayter, and we were only waiting for January rehearsals before setting off. We had an exciting album to play and exciting places to play it.

It’s hard to say what is next for Woods. David was unequivocally the voice, heart, and soul of the band. In the last year or so, David and I planned out many projects for Woods of Ypres in great detail. It would be a shame for none of them to come to fruition, and David would have wanted his fans to hear them. So I will examine these, discuss them with Earache, and endeavour to complete what can be completed given the circumstances. David was always and still is the essence of Woods of Ypres. So if and when any Woods projects come to light, it will be with this fact firmly and unwaveringly in mind.

For the present time, my immediate task is to promote and release Woods V: Grey Skies & Electric Light. We finished the audio portion in August at Beach Road Studios, and David D’Angelo finished the stunning album art last month. All that remains is press and promotion for the album. And I’m more than willing to do my own share as well as David’s, with the same passion, enthusiasm, and good humor David would have had. So please direct any interviews to me, and I will be thrilled to answer questions.

It was an honour to have worked with David, an honour to have shared the stage with him, and an honour to have spent a summer writing and recording with him. He was an extremely talented, driven, and generous man. He will be sorely missed.”

Those wishing to make donations in support of David Gold’s funeral costs can do so through his PayPal account at David’s family, along with Earache Records, welcomes comments and messages of remembrance on his Facebook tribute page at

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