Swag fire-sale: Help maintain Hydra Head’s amazing catalog of hardcore and experimental music

After nearly 20 years of existence, Hydra Head Records has reached a breaking point. With music sales on the downswing and its own musical stable not the most “commercially viable” (their words), the label founded by Aaron Turner of Isis is faced with a difficult choice: shut the doors or stop releasing new music. Having made that difficult decision, they still need your help to keep their exceptional catalog in print.

The label recently put up a store to raise funds, with exclusive and limited-edition items for sale. These vary from $3 for a sticker to $125 for an HHR vinyl subscription to $10,000 for a “take what you can carry” visit to the office and a trip to Disneyland. You also can call dibs on test presses, limited screen prints, 30-CD grab bags, and more.

Check the entire list and help preserve the legacy of a truly unique label.