Teenyboppers get vicious in El-P’s video for “Stay Down”

El-P: Cancer for CureEl-P: Cancer for Cure (Fat Possum, 5/22/12)

Hip-hop producer/MC El-P and his amoral, coked-out squirrel sidekick Mr. Killums are back. And they’re not as popular this time around.

In a prequel to Cancer for Cure‘s first video, “The Full Retard,” “Stay Down” sees El-P and Killums performing the track for a room full of bemused teenyboppers, chaperoning mothers, and prom queens. However, when Nick Diamonds of Islands (portrayed here, in a confusing bit of casting, by Jaleel Bunton of TV on the Radio) cuts in, the room gets progressively more wild, which doesn’t end well for our heroes.

Find out how Mr. Killums loses his eye in this video for “Stay Down,” directed by Timothy Saccenti.

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