Venezuelan sludge-metal quartet Cultura Tres confronts American imperialism in “El Sur de la Fe”

Cultura Tres: El Mal del BienCultura Tres: El Mal del Bien (Devouter, 3/5/11)

Bearing at least a passing resemblance to the crushing sludge of Sepultura and its brethren, Venezuela’s Cultura Tres works from the root of a proven musical commodity. But with harmonized high-string riffs, a few wailing psych-rock leads, and an ability to go quiet and eerie or soft and atmospheric, the “doom suramericano” quartet is very much its own band.

Translating to “southern faith,” “El Sur de la Fe” appears on the band’s 2011 sophomore album, El Mal del Bien (“wrong from right”). Its brand-new video, premiered today, uses imagery to tie together imperialism, the forceful spread of religion, and the death of indigenous cultures.

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