Video: Off!’s “Borrow and Bomb” / “I Got News for You”

OFF!: s/tOff!s/t (Vice, 5/8/12)

Last month, we shared the first installment of Off!‘s video trilogy with “Cracked,” a humorous glimpse into competitive sign-spinning. Now enjoy the final chapters: a double video for “Borrow and Bomb” and “I Got News for You.”

The band teamed up once again with Whitey McConnaughy for this double feature, giving you a frightening look back at 1980s public-access television. In the video for “Borrow and Bomb,” Kids in the Hall star Dave Foley is hilariously uncomfortable to watch as the host of Teen Talk, surveying the (mostly) young guests to find out what “punk rock” means to them before Off! takes the stage. Then we switch to VHS for one sweaty, hairy jazzercise session in “I Got News for You.”

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