Video Q&A: Dub Trio

Dub Trio: IVDub Trio: IV (ROIR, 10/25/11)

Dub Trio: “Control Issues Controlling Your Mind”

In late October, the peerlessĀ  Dub Trio issued its latest dub-metal opus, IV, with the usual “anything goes” mentality — incorporating a warped, guitar-infused dubstep track as well as a foray into prepared piano alongside the usual grooves, riffs, and “sludge and bass.”

Following a stop in Rochester, New York, the band spoke with ALARM contributor Saby Reyes-Kulkarni for his interview archive and webcast The Haywire. Watch Joe Tomino, Stu Brooks, and DP Holmes talk about “playing each other,” translating that to the studio, and being reintroduced to metal. Then stay tuned for a quick update from Tomino about his food blog and his never-ending search for french-onion soup.

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