A murderous MacGuffin in Efterklang’s “The Ghost” video

Efterklang: PiramidaEfterklang: Piramida (4AD, 9/25/12)

Having recorded Piramida in a ghost town, its perhaps unsurprising that one of the tracks on Efterklang‘s fourth album was entitled “The Ghost.” A droning composition with bells, brass, and an echoing percussive background, it’s reminiscent of some of the more ambient work of groups like Underworld and Radiohead, which is to say that it’s unique and beautiful.

The video for “The Ghost” features surreal, idyllic scenes, with each somehow exuding a feel of menace. And, even as we realize that there is indeed something connecting these people, that MacGuffin forces a simultaneously tragic and uplifting left turn. Check it out below, and stick around long enough for the alternative title at the end.

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