Alamo Drafthouse launches Silence of the Lambs-inspired wines

So you’re watching Silence of the Lambs, and as Dr. Lecter speaks his infamous endorsement of fava beans, you think to yourself, “Liver actually sounds good right now, but whatever wine will I find to pair with it?” Well, worry no longer, because Alamo Drafthouse has you covered.

The theater / film distributor / multimedia company has launched two new wines, one for each psychopath in the film. For Buffalo Bill, there’s the Suit Yourself pinot grigio, and, naturally, Dr. Hannibal Lecter inspired the Cannibal Chianti.

Not only can you order them for yourself (including a Lecter’s Package that comes with lotion, fava beans, and a liver recipe), but the Drafthouse is doing Lambs-inspired feasts at all locations, pairing their wines with a delightfully psychotic four-course meal (exhibit A: Buffalo Bill’s skinless chicken wings in bacon fat and Sriracha “lotion”). Check out a trailer for the wines below, and then click through for the menu as well as new posters from Alamo subsidiary Mondo.

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