Amps to 11 (PM): Marshall’s Hanwell home-speaker system

As one of the most iconic names in amps over the past 50 years, Marshall is synonymous with music. Now, for the first time, you can bring its sound and design to your living room with the special-edition Hanwell hi-fi home-speaker system.

Specifically designed to commemorate Marshall’s 50th anniversary, the Hanwell comes with all of the qualities and gold accents that you’ve come to expect: analog controls and hi-fi speakers housed in a wood box, covered with black vinyl and fret cloth. But with an 1/8” input in place of the 1/4″ instrument jack, you can plug in your phone or iPod to combine modern convenience and sound quality with classic rock style.

The price being a cool $800 (and the exclusion of Bluetooth and wireless connectivity) means that the system isn’t for everybody — but if you’re looking for something different than the standard speaker-dock fare, the Hanwell might be your scene. Buy it here.