Asteroids on electronica: Adult Swim’s Soundodger game

Browser games are often frenetic, click-laden things, with a horde of enemies storming your castle or an endless road to fantasy. Soundodger,¬†Adult Swim and Studio Bean’s new game, is a much more relaxed affair.

Minimalist in design, play takes place on an abstract turntable, with the player represented as a small circle. As each song plays (the game features new music from a variety of artists), various geometric shapes shoot across the field of play, with your goal being to avoid them through the simple act of moving your mouse. As simple as it sounds, the game quickly ramps up the difficulty, with nary a space to hide. Fortunately, you can slow the song down for a minute to get out of tight spaces, but it costs you any points you might have earned during that time.

Extremely zen (barring the heart-shattering dubstep levels), Soundodger is an excellent way to unwind. Put your headphones on, grab your mouse, and relax for a while.