Audible color, expounded: Chromatic contributor David Metcalfe presents “Visual Music 101”

Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and MusicIf you’ve read our book Chromatic: The Crossroads of Color and Music, you’re already familiar with the work of ALARM contributing writer and Reality Sandwich contributing editor David Metcalfe. In a chapter titled “As We See Sound: Explorations of Audible Color,” Metcalfe delves into the work done by philosophers, musicians, and visual artists to search for a hard link between the two realms. Now, teaming up with the Spudnik Press Cooperative, he’s bringing his work to a wider audience.

This Sunday, February 17, at 4 PM (event starts at 3), Metcalfe will give his talk “Visual Music 101” at the Spudnik Press Annex in Chicago, where he’s presenting “various theories and practices regarding the relationship between color and sound, ranging from Pythagoras to David Lynch, providing specific audio and visual examples as well as methods useful for active artists and musicians.” The talk is free and snacks will be provided, so come on out.

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