Best Albums: Secret Chiefs 3, Mutoid Man, Deicide, Sole, Soundgarden

This week’s best albums

– Indefinable fusion masters Secret Chiefs 3 make good on a decade of anticipation for the second installment in its “mega-trilogy,” an album that vies for best of the year.

– Joining forces as Mutoid Man, Cave In’s Stephen Brodsky and Converge’s Ben Koller deliver one of the most blistering yet complex albums of the year.

Deicide’s latest death-metal opus demonstrates a continued love of blazing riffs, hellacious beats, and pissing off Christians.

– With yet another quality release, MC Sole pieces together an expert album of cast-offs from hard-drive crashes and fallen-apart side projects.

Soundgarden reissues its out-of-print double EP of Screaming Life and Fopp, a collection that filters raw power through the artier edges of post-punk.

Honorable mentions

Beachwood Sparks: Desert Skies lost debut album (Alive Naturalsound)

Dead Meadow: Warble Womb (Xemu)

Hammock: Oblivion Hymns (self-released)