Bliss and paranoia: Lilacs & Champagne’s AV samples in a weird VHS trip

Lilacs & Champagne, the production moniker of GrailsAlex Hall and Emil Amos, creates music that sounds like the constant battle between bliss and paranoia in the span of an acid trip.

Their video for “Sensations,” which comes off 2012’s self-titled debut album, has the benefit of sounding exactly like it looks: a bleary-eyed graze through a womb-like sonic expanse. Instrumentation, samples, and post-production collide at every corner in this and most of L&C’s other work, making for a euphoric, if not absent-minded, experience.

The band also is about to embark on a tour of the US, performing with the rest of Grails in what will be that band’s first tour in nearly two years. Check out the poster below for dates, along with the video for “Sensations.”

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