Buy QOTSA’s USB…with a postmodernism pitch

For those blue about the waning of the compact disc and for those distrustful of “The Cloud,” Queens of the Stone Age hears your pleas. The DO Stuff Corporation, with President Josh Homme, is offering up an 8GB USB drive packed with the band’s …Like Clockwork album, high-res photos, music videos, lyric sheets, and original artwork.

Let Ricky Chism, a master pitchman who looks suspiciously like Fred Armisen, reassure you with his pressed blue shirt and smartphone hip holster.

You can see the infomercial below, but the beauty of the promotion is in the details. The website: The 800 number: 1-855-5-USB-USB. The price: $29.99. The gimmick: it’s also a bottle opener. And the limited-time offer: “Buy one now and you get another one free! Just pay separate shipping and handling.”