Caffeine on 12 cylinders

In today’s world of everyone brewing their own coffee, have you had trouble finding an espresso machine that looks appropriately bad-ass sitting on your counter? Do you have copious amounts of money and not enough things to spend it on? Do you love Top Gear and enjoy super-cars and gadget porn? If you answered yes to all of that, meet your new espresso machine.

Espresso Veloce, a high-end coffee company with an appropriately Grand Prix-ish logo, has produced the V10 and V12 espresso machines, modeled after engines of the same configuration. Tooled from aluminum, magnesium, and titanium with coffee filters that look like oil filters, matching mugs, and a half-scale size, it’s limited to 500 machines worldwide. The price is listed as available “upon application,” so it’s doubtful we’ll be buying one for the ALARM cafeteria anytime soon. But really, just look at it.

The Espresso Veloce V12 The Espresso Veloce V12/V10

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