David Yow’s first solo release is crushing, maybe literally

David Yow: Tonight You Look Like A SpiderDavid Yow: Tonight You Look Like A Spider (Joyful Noise, 6/25/13)

David Yow, former front-man and vocalist of the unabashedly abrasive The Jesus Lizard, is set to release his first solo album in June. The album is called Tonight You Look Like a Spider, named after “a spider [Yow] saw one night,” and the lead “single” (a term christened by Joyful Noise with a pair of snarky quotes) sounds like a thick concrete slab of wandering keyboards and pounding drums.

Coincidentally, the deluxe-edition vinyl release of the record is literally a concrete slab.

A run of 50 records included a “monolith” that’s molded, signed, and numbered by Yow himself, functioning as both a sculpture and a display vessel for the record. Unfortunately, the “monolith” edition already has sold out, but you can pre-order vinyl and digital copies at the Joyful Noise web store — all of which will undoubtedly save a ton in shipping costs.

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