Dim-sum sneakers? See Puma’s food-themed products

When choosing shoes, there are important details to consider. Purpose, material, price, and size are all things to pay attention to. And then, of course, there’s color. Jet black, true white, classic navy…siu-mai yellow?

That last one may seem strange, but it’s part of the latest collaboration between Puma and Hypebeast, which pays homage to that most wonderful of mid-morning meals: dim sum. The Dim Sum Project involves two special editions of the early-’90s classic “Blaze of Glory” sneaker — one in “Siu Mai,” which mimics the yellow wrapper of the pork dumpling of the same name, and a lightweight “LTWT” version in “Har Gao” with a shrimp camo pattern underneath a translucent layer, much like the steamed shrimp dumplings of the same name.

Both pairs are were available at the Hypebeast web store for $155 a piece. Presently, “Siu Mai” is sold out.

PUMA x Hypebeast: The Dim Sum Project

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