Down’s Phil Anselmo announces Housecore Horror Film Festival

Heavy metal has always paired well with horror. The album covers, the lyrical content, the feeding of celebrities to your god on stage (thanks, GWAR!) — it all lends itself to an image of fear and darkness. Well, Phil Anselmo of Down and Pantera is taking things to their logical conclusion.

Teaming with true-crime author Corey Mitchell, Anselmo has announced the Austin-based Housecore Horror Film (& Metal) Festival, which bears the name of his record label. Featuring more than 70 films in the horror, metal, and true-crime genres, it will take over the entire Emo’s complex from October 25 through 27. Though not much has been announced yet, there are confirmed musical guests as well, including Down, Crowbar, and Anselmo’s new solo project, Philip H. Anselmo & The Illegals.

Three-day badges currently are $149 but will go up to $199 on March 20. Since it’s so early in the year, plenty more is sure to be announced on the festival’s Facebook page.

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