Father John Misty’s secret weapon: Dimitri Drjuchin’s bright, mystical eye candy

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Born in Moscow, NYC-based painter and illustrator Dimitri Drjuchin creates bright, mystical eye candy that reads like a riddle. You may recognize his surrealist work from gig posters for comics Marc Maron, Jim Gaffigan, Eugene Mirman, and Hannibal Buress — or, more recently, you might have spotted his mind-bending cover for Fear Fun, the debut album from Father John Misty.

Mediums: Acrylic on canvas, Adobe Illustrator, guitar strings

Favorite bands: Dinosaur Jr., Lungfish, Bob Dylan, Fugazi, Superchunk, Neutral Milk Hotel, The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix

Favorite artists: Ralph Steadman, Daniel Higgs, Francis Bacon, Daniel Clowes, R. Crumb, Chester Brown

Father John Misty: Fear Fun

Does your Russian heritage influence your art?

The iconic/religious look of my work is very influenced by Russian icon art. We had a few of them at our house when I was growing up, so it was kind of woven into me as an early art appreciator. But everything influences me and comes out in my art in some form.

Do musicians and venues (and comedians) usually give you free reign with gig posters?

It’s different every time. I work best when I’m allowed to be me. If I’m given guidance, it’s usually minimal. I think most folks who hire me generally trust me to make something they like. I’ve been very lucky to work with people who really appreciate what I do and whose work I really respect.

Dimitri Drjuchin: "Return of Colossus," acrylic on canvas, 48" x 48"

What should a gig poster do these days to grab someone’s attention?

It should be awesome and unique. No more hot devil girls.

What do you have against the Reptilian agenda?

They have a shitty dental plan.

Dimitri Drjuchin: Heart of DarknessDimitri Drjuchin: Marc Maron live

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