Finntroll probably isn’t the band you want detailing your car (watch the video for “Haxbrygd”)

Finntroll: BlodsveptFinntroll: Blodsvept (Century Media, 3/26/13)

Finnish folk- and cinema-metal band Finntroll resembles nothing so much as rejects from Jim Henson’s Labyrinth by way of the local steampunk convention. All floppy ears, goggles, and horns, the band has six albums of dark, cartoonish metal featuring accordions, brass, and more.

And now, having been locked in a dark room and given a car, power tools, and a smoke machine, the band has produced the video for “Haxbrygd” (translation: “Witch Broth”) from its latest, Blodsvept. Secure your vehicles.

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